imageI’m a young and very passion fashion designer from Russia, now living in Seattle.
I used to be a professional ballroom dancer and teacher whole my life. That’s probably the main reason why I’ve had addiction to fashion and everything beautiful since I was a four-year-old girl. When I was twelve, my mom and I made my very first dress of my design. At the age of sixteen I started making ballroom dresses, and costumes for my peers and students designed by myself and that was only the beginning. After a while, I realized that so many things at stores and boutiques are not worth the money they cost, and I can do it even better and cheaper to me and my friends. Some time later to my first real customers. I realized that I can make something unique and beautiful that no one else in the World can.
The decision to create our brand came to my husband and me in 2015, two years later. My project is aimed at an individual approach and cooperation with each customer. This is my passion; this is my life.