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by Daria Matius

Confusing sizes…

Honestly, I LOVE SHOPPING!!!

Also, I love online shopping, as the most of us! But!!! Home many times you received something, that doesn’t really fit you well? I did, well….countless times.

From now on I’m ordering from those stores, who providing measurements along with sizes. Or from stores, which sizes I alredy tried and which fit me perfectly.

Unfortunately, different brands are using different sizing, which is weird. Who can told me why I can have one pants in size XS and another pair in size M, and they will fit me the same??? Or why other brands using NUMBERS as sizes? Most importantly, not just numbers, but different numbers?


Here’s an example of pants that I own.



1. Zara – size XS

2. Mango – size 4

3. Club Monaco – size 0



Zara – size 28.


Banana Republic- size 00.

And how I should figure out which size I need, if I want to buy a pair of pants online? Really, why it’s so freaking complicated, why are brands doing this?

How often are you facing the same issue, girls?


l will be happy to hear your opinion 😉.






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