DNA | Cute & noticeable details
Style in your DNA
by Daria Matius

Cute & noticeable details

Hey, guys!

Every one of us loves to look beautiful and noticeable. Every one of us likes to hear compliments, because, obviously it’s lifting our mood and we feel like we can conquer the world.

Unfortunately, not every one of us can afford a new dress or blouse, or whatever you like, as often as we want. But we always can find a solution to make our every day look a bit special. And that’s the time when accessories are playing a huge role!!! I love all kinds of accessories and  they help me to look interesting and special even in my jeans and plane t-shirt. Just remember, that even a tiny bracelet or belt, or scarf can make your outfit look completely different! Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Here’s one of my experiments that I would like to share with you. And the good news, you can MAKE it yourself if you really want to!!!

It is a silk rope belt with tassels that I made from, !!! Surprise!!!, a curtain silk rope and silk tassels, which I found in a local craft store. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble it and another 15 minutes to add some crystals to make it look more fancy ( you can find those in any local craft store like Michaels or Jo Ann). And, trust me, it does look very fancy. I can wear it with a cocktail dress, everyday dress, blazers, jeans and so on and on.

So, I encourage you to be creative and try something new. You will never regret the fashion mistakes you make. Only the ones you didn’t 😉


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