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by Daria Matius

Mass market

Hey, Guys!

Today I wanted to ask you about your favorite mass market store. I just recently realized how many things have changed in my life while I’m getting older. It affected every aspect of my life, I guess, but today we’re talking about choice of clothes that we are wearing every day.

Several years ago, while I was living in Moscow, my favorite mass market store was Zara. Well, it’s obvious for a lot of reasons. They had  big selection of beautiful clothes, the price was good and quality not that bad as well. But, as I alredy said, everything is changing. The quality got worse and prices went up. I honestly can’t make my mind to by something from Zara for $300. So, I visit this store only in period of big SALE.

In this moment, one of my favorite stores is Banana Republic.



The quality of clothes is exeptional and I do really love their classic styles and beautiful prints. And I got some REALLY GOOD Stuff on sale all the time.



The layout of every Banana Republic store is really good as well, if we are looking at it in terms of merchandising. You can see thru the whole store and, usually, you have to go thru all sections to get to the SALE or Petite ( which is needed in my case) section, which means you will stop a lot more to look at something that caught your eye. And, for sure, buy something that you don’t need😅. Well, in my case it’s usually working. Theis accessories are beautiful as well and while you standing in line to check out, you will definitely got some blink, cause it’s surrounding you at every direction…


Plus, I don’t like to try on clothes at stores and I have never returned any purchases back. I guess, I’m to lazy for that. It’s easier for me to make an alteration than driving back to a mall🙈.





What at is your favorite mass market store and why?





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