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by Daria Matius

Path to success.

Hey, guys!

Today I have another assignment from my online course at Parsons and Teen Vogue and the theme of this topic is Your Audience.

I wouldn’t say I have a lot of followers, just around 1000 or so and most of them live in the Seattle Great Area or from Russia. Usually it’s models, photographers, bloggers, etc. (if we’re talking about instagram). If we are talking about LinkedIn, which is VERY resourceful network, it’s usually fashion weeek producers, recruiters from different fashion companies and other businesses people.

Usually  I am trying to post something that interested me, something that inspires me, something that makes me laugh or just pictures from my and my husbands everyday life ( which is the most popular, I must say). It’s not really easy to maintain so many different accounts on social networks and my own website, especially when I am very busy with another order ( making dresses, crystallizing shoes, etc.) and don’t have time even to get out of my home office. But we are living in the digital era and any of us, who want be successful, noticeable and make some money, must be proactive and interesting.


People don’t like boring pictures and we have to figure out how to entertain them, and how to make their mood a little bit lighter while they’re  surfing thru social networks, just to kill their time or find an idea for the next weekend cocktail party.


Every one of us wants to share with the others pictures of beautiful things or places, wants to share the filling of enjoyment while we are living thru some important moments of our lives.

As a fashion designer and personal stylist, my social network accounts containing pictures of dresses, accessories and shoes I made. I am also sharing a tiny part of my everyday life, working process, social events and beautiful places I visited.

I can’t say I am the most successful and popular person on the social network space, but I have my audience and they’re appreciate my effort to communicate with them and I love them for living my life with me.

P.S. Here’s some insights of a couple of pictures from my Instagram account

IMG_5565 IMG_5566

Have a wonderful week, y’all! Cheers,




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