DNA | Christian Louboutin FiFi in Aurora crystals
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Christian Louboutin FiFi in Aurora crystals

Do you know any shoes better than Christian Louboutin in this world? In my honest opinion, they are the best! However, there is one thing that could be even better – Christian Louboutin encrusted with Swarovski crystals! They are iridescent, gorgeous and elegant, incredible and stunning!

This pair was crusted manually by me. I added the crystals one by one, to make sure that they will be perfect. There are about 7500 Swarovski crystals on these shoes; each crystal could reflect seven different colors, depending on the angle of incidence of light. Any bride will be compelling with these shoes on her feet.

And here is a good news: you can buy them! Follow the link on eBay or just contact us!



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