DNA | Shine bright!
Style in your DNA
by Daria Matius

Shine bright!

Every woman wants to look perfect on her wedding day. Most of us are starting to plan this important day in advance. But it is always something that remains in the last few days or even hours.

I got an offer to crystallize this shoes in 3 weeks before my customers Day X. It was very tight amount of time for us to make it happen, because she had to send them from NY to Seattle and I had to paint them, let it dry and only after all this manipulation, could start to covering those beauties with Swarovski crystals. It took a while to make those shoes look worthy any bride in such an important day, because they were used and scratched. I spent a week at my desk for 7-8 hours every day, but I did it! And it turned out so beautiful that I almost envy!))

My customer got them in 2 days before the wedding and I want to thank her for this opportunity and her trust! I’m glad that she loves it!


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